Excerpt of When Magic Becomes Real

This is an excerpt of When Magic Becomes Real, which is an ongoing serial I’ll be sharing if you subscribe to my newsletter. I hope you enjoy.

Issue 1 - Petra

I remember the day magic became real. It’s burned into my memory, never to be forgotten, because it’s also the day my parents died in the car accident. We are on family vacation. They are driving my eight year old twin brother, Jesse, and myself home from a fun action packed week at Disneyland. We are driving away from L.A., finally free of the massive sprawl and never-ending congestion of the high way. My mom is driving and as the traffic trickles to a light flow, she opens up and lets the car loose, eager to get us home and reveling in the freedom of being able to drive faster than a 15 mph crawl.

Why I occasionally talk about my spirituality on here

This is my fiction website, but as you likely know I have a sister website, magical experiments. When I was first relaunching the imagine your reality site as my fiction site, I considered whether I should mention my other site on here at all or allude to my spiritual practices. The answer I came to was, of course I should, because I should keep no part of myself hidden from my readers.

That decision falls in line with what I read in Write, Publish, Repeat, in which the authors say don’t filter who you are, as the author. Instead be yourself. Good advice and it helps I’ve also learned from my past mistakes.

To Pen Name or not to Pen Name

Welcome to my first blog entry. With this blog I’m going to be talking about the business of being a writer, mixed in with sharing in-progress fiction work.

When I first decided to publish fiction, I had a bit of a debate with myself. Should I use a pen name, or stick with my real name? I already write non-fiction using my real name, so part of my concern was around whether or not I should use that same name or come up with a pen name as a way to differentiate my fiction writing from my non-fiction writer. Initially I leaned toward using a pen name for that very reason, but the more I thought about it the more it bothered me.