What is Imagine Your Reality?

At Imagine Your Reality, I invite you to explore my fantastical worlds of fiction and make them part of your reality. Whether you’re following the adventures of a super hero who’s learning how to fly or rooting for a support analyst as he fights off zombies, my hope is that my stories will entertain you and take you to a fantastical place. I write fiction with a twist, because I like to surprise my readers and that’s exactly what you’ll get with my writing.

That’s what Imagine Your Reality is about and I invite you to take a glimpse of the fantastic and read my one of my free novellas: Learning How to Feel, which explores what happens when a hero has to use his powers in novel ways if he’s going to survive the night, or the Zombie Apocalypse Convenience Store, where a convenience store clerk has to do whatever it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse. Also join my Facebook group, where I keep fans updated with my latest projects and answer questions, etc.

I also have a sister website, Magical Experiments, where I share my esoteric non-fiction.