My name is Taylor Ellwood and this is my website for my fiction writing projects such as Learning How to Fly and The Zombie Apocalypse Call Center, as well as for non-fiction projects related to the business of being an author. I’ve been writing for most of my life, but up until recently I hadn’t published any of my fiction writing, because my life got side tracked by academia and then self-employment as a business coach (Fun fact this site used to be my business coaching site).

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However life has a funny way of bringing you back to what you need to really be doing. My coaching business imploded after 9 years and in the aftermath I spent some time figuring out what I really wanted to do with my life and realized that I not only wanted to continue my non-fiction (see below for more details), but that I also wanted to get back to writing my fiction books.

So I decided to start with finishing up a book I was writing in my early twenties, Learning How to Fly, which is all about a superhero who can fly, but who needs to go to remedial flying school because his flying skills aren’t that great. And from there I started working on a new fiction project, The Zombie Apocalypse Call Center which explores what happens when you have a call center set up to support people through a zombie apocalypse, but whose support analysts don’t think the zombie apocalypse will ever happen. When it does happen…well you have to read the book to find out!

I have a lot of other stories I want to share. You can read my FREE Novella Learning How to Feel, which explores what happens when a hero has to learn how to use his powers in a completely different way then he has, if he wants to survive the night. Or check out the Zombie Apocalypse Convenience Store and find out what it takes for a convenience store clerk to survive the zombie apocalypse.

I also have a sister site, Magical Experiments, where I share my non-fiction writing on magic, meditation, and other esoteric interests.