Free Novella:: The Zombie Apocalypse Convenience Store

I assure you, we're still alive and open!

It was just another day at the convenience store that Alisha works at...

until the CDC broadcasts that people are turning into zombies.

To make matters worse, Alisha's boss won’t let her go home because he thinks the zombie apocalypse is a hoax.

But when her co-worker Francine goes missing, Alisha knows its only a matter of time before the zombies come for her.

All Alisha really wants to do is ride out the zombie apocalypse with the hot guy who works across the street at the rival convenience store, but if she’s not careful, she’ll get eaten or become a zombie herself.

Can she help the panicked customers coming into the store?

Will she survive the zombie apocalypse?

You'll love this Zombie Apocalypse Fiction, because everyone loves a story about surviving the odds, against zombies.

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