Why I occasionally talk about my spirituality on here

Photo by  Ian Espinosa  on  Unsplash

This is my fiction website, but as you likely know I have a sister website, magical experiments. When I was first relaunching the imagine your reality site as my fiction site, I considered whether I should mention my other site on here at all or allude to my spiritual practices. The answer I came to was, of course I should, because I should keep no part of myself hidden from my readers.

That decision falls in line with what I read in Write, Publish, Repeat, in which the authors say don’t filter who you are, as the author. Instead be yourself. Good advice and it helps I’ve also learned from my past mistakes.

Once upon a time this site was my business coaching site and I very purposely chose not to mention my sister website or my spiritual practices. I chose to filter myself, to only show what I thought other business owners wanted to see. It was a big mistake, because I never felt completely authentic. I felt like I was chopping off my nose to spite my face because I was worried about what people would think.

Well no more of that.

In general, when I write about my spiritual practices, I’ll be sharing that on magical experiments. But when it pertains to my writing process or how I come up with characters, or anything else along those lines, I’m going to share that aspect of my spiritual practice here. And I’m not doing it to make any of you uncomfortable but rather to let you into all parts of my life.

The way I figure it is if you like my writing enough to be here, you’re likely comfortable with me sharing a bit about myself how I get to where I am in my writing process and the simple fact is my spiritual work does play an important role in how I come up with fiction. After all, imagination is one of my essential and sacred values and that imagination expresses itself in multiple ways, but all of those ways interweave together at some point, because its all related.

With all that said, I promise you this: I’m not out to prostelyze, convert or tell you what you should believe. I’m here to spin some good stories and share my process for how I come up with those stories. That’s it, Pinky Swear.