Where my love of superheroes comes from


My love of superhero fiction started with the one superhero who doesn’t have superpowers: Batman. I thought it was fascinating how this person could fight off bad guys and go toe to toe with superpowered heroes and villains and hold his own. Batman has his gadgets and technology, but most importantly he has his brains.

Lately I’ve been starting to read superhero fiction, which isn’t comic books. I actually didn’t know there was superhero fiction outside of the comic books, but I had decided to finish my superhero novel, Learning How to Fly, and so when I went to publish it, I was surprised to see that there are a lot of other superhero fiction books out there. At that point, I realized I should start reading some of this superhero fiction and what I found so far has been really good. I’m glad that my fiction is part of this amazing genre of work.

I’ve been reading the Omega Hero series by Darius Brasher, and I’m looking forward to reading even more superhero fiction, which I’ll share on here as I keep reading it. In the Omega Hero series, Theo discovers he’s a superhero and not just an average one. He’s an omega hero, with powers off the charts, provided he can learn how to use them. I’ve enjoyed the first two books immensely and the third has taken things in an even better direction because of how the author has pushed the main character to explore what it means to be a hero..

Part of what I enjoy about superhero fiction is how the superhero genre has evolved. It used to be very black and white, with supervillains and superheroes, but superhero fiction has become more nuanced. Heroes aren’t always heroes and villains can become something better. And then there’s the anti-heroes, who in some ways are my favorites because they’re shades of gray.

In my superhero series, I share the journey of how a superhero learns what being a hero really is. You can get the free novella below, where I share a story about how an empath has to use his powers creatively if he wants to survive the night against criminals.