Learning How to Fly is now available!


If he wants to be a superhero, he has to learn how to fly…

Nelson Eberly didn’t think it could get any worse for his career as a superhero.

He has to take Remedial Flying and learn how to fly or lose his superhero license and join the Weather Bureau.

But a class in remedial flying is just the beginning of his problems.

His girlfriend thinks he’s self-obsessed, and his mom won’t get off his case about not living up to the family legacy of being a superhero.

When Nelson is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and sent to the Defining Center of Adjustments, everything Nelson thinks he knows about being a superhero will be challenged by the sinister duo Director G and Pretty Boy.

Does Nelson have what it takes to be a superhero?

Can he learn how to fly?

If Nelson can’t get his act as a superhero together and realize that what makes a hero isn’t the costume the hero wears, but the actions the hero takes, he might lose more than his career as a superhero.

He might lose his life and everyone important to him.

You’ll love this superhero fiction adventure, because everyone loves an underdog story.

Get it now.