Are you beginning your own journey as an author? I know what’s that like and I want to help you out, especially if you’re self-publishing. The following resources can help you on your journey to becoming a published author.


Reedsy is a website for writers, editors, and cover designers. They also have some classes which can be really helpful for this journey you’re on.

Author Packages

People ask me where I get my covers done. I get them done through the fine folks of Author Packages, who not only make covers, but also provide editing and layout services as well. To learn more click this link (Note this is an affiliate link).

Kindle Spy

Do you want to get higher visibility for your books on Amazon? Then you need this resource which helps you figure out the right keywords to use to get more visibility. After I implemented it, I saw an immediate improvement in the sales of my non-fiction books and i’m sure the same will apply to my fiction books. Click this link to learn more (Affiliate link)

Kindle ROI

Kindle ROI is another great tool that can help you launch your e-book and get some eyes on it. Click this link to learn more (affiliate link)