The Selfless Leader

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In the DNA of the Resilient Organization, the author points out that many leaders try to play it safe when leading their business. In other words, they don’t really lead. They are afraid of taking risks and possibly making some people unhappy, but when you own a business, you may make decisions that won’t make everyone happy. Ideally, your culture will...

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Networking Nirvana starts May 20th

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Networking Nirvana starts May 20th! In this 5 week teleclass you will learn how to make your networking efforts into profitable activities that grow your business. Networking works for your business when you learn a process for how to give and get referrals that turn into business. My 5 week class shows you my process for how to become an effective networker that...

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Why its important to challenge the Status Quo of your Business Practices

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When I work with new clients, one of the services I offer is that I question the status quo of how the business is run. This can be frustrating for my clients, because it gets them to question what they are doing, which may be comfortable, but may nonetheless also be the source of frustration in their business. Often the status quo is held to because no other...

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How Processes help Businesses Succeed

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  When I work with my clients, I talk a lot about processes and the importance of developing good processes that support the business and employees. Many times I’ve encountered processes that don’t support the business or employees, but are performed because that’s how it was always done. The problem with such thinking is that its short...

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Autonomy and Management: How to Balance both in Your Business

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In Drive, the author makes the point that the traditional models of management are based on 19th century industrial era thinking, where everything and everyone is tightly controlled and automated in a factory like manner. My own experiences in the corporate and small business world confirm that for many businesses such a model of management is still used as a way of...

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Blogs, Pictures, and Business

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I recently received an email from Getty Images informing me that I was using a picture on my site that they had copyright to. The picture in question didn’t have a watermark or copyright marking associated with it, but that wasn’t going to stop them from trying to claim their pound of flesh from a very small business (i.e. mine). I read the email,...

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