Why you should experiment with your marketing

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Hello Eccentric Entrepreneurs, Sometimes we get really caught up in our marketing, so caught up we don’t see what works. I share why its important to experiment with your marketing and share a recent example in my own business, where I experimented with how I emailed my newsletter...

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Eccentric Entrepreneurs September 2016 podcasts

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Did you miss an episode of Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcast in september? Fear not…all of the episodes are here. Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Art of Asking with Felix Warren Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Business of Music with Katelynn Convery Eccentric Entrepreneurs: Boundaries in Business with Bill Duvendack and Catharine Clarenbach If you enjoy the podcasts, please become my patron. Your patronage supports the costs of the...

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Protected: Eccentric Success August 2016

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Welcome Eccentric Successors, This is your resource page for August 2016. The topic of the month is: How to Grow your email list. In my opinion email lists are underused as a form of marketing. What’s important to remember is that email is NOT on the way out. It’s a viable platform for marketing your business, particularly when combined with other forms of marketing. This month our format is a little different from the previous month. Instead of having one webinar, a guest speaker, and a Q and A session, we will have 3 webinars. Each webinar will be on a specific subtopic. The reason I’m doing the webinars is because it is easier to show you, so I suggest if possible joining the webinars via your computer so I can share my screen with you. Workshop: How to Develop a Lead Magnet for your business. Password is lead Workshop 2: How to design your email newsletter password chimp Workshop 3: How to write your newsletter password write Monthly Giveaway: click here for your chance to get a 1:1 session with Taylor Weekly Challenges: I’ll post the weekly challenges on here, but you’ll also see them posted on the Eccentric Success group, one for each week. Share your results in the group!   Week 1: Assess your current email marketing strategy Most businesses don’t have a clear email marketing strategy. I’d like you to share the following information on our Facebook group. What is your Website address? What email marketing platform are you using? Do you have a subscription form on your site? Do you have an automated email that people receive when people sign up for you e-newsletter? Are you offering people anything in order for them to sign up? If you want people to sign up for your newsletter you need to offer them something. It could be a free e-course, or it could be an e-book or something else, but whatever it is, you need to provide some incentive for them to sign up when they visit your site. Now let’s look at your actual activity. How often are you writing an e-newsletter? What is your e-newsletter primarily about? How many times do you promote a service...

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July 2016 Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcasts + Book Reviews

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Did you miss an episode of Eccentric Entrepreneurs in July? Here are the links to the episodes. Eccentric Entrepreneurs: Money and Business with Kevin Minkoff Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Business of Art with Cate Anevski Book Review: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer A friend of mine gave me this book and despite the fact that I was already reading 8 books at the time, I cracked the cover that night and started reading. And I was hooked, both by Amanda’s story and what the book is really about: How to ask, how to give, and how to receive. There were times I read this book and felt really moved to tears, times I felt emotions come up where I needed to explore why I felt so resistant to trusting, giving, or asking. This book gave me a ton to think about and work through, in a good way. There are lessons here I’ll revisit, and work into my business and life. If you don’t read anything else this year, do yourself a favor and read this book. Book Review: Ensouling Language by Stephen Buhner If you’re a writer of nonfiction or fiction, Ensouling Language is an essential must read book on the art of writing. While the author’s focus is on non-fiction, the insights he shares can be applied to fiction. As I read this book and tried the exercises, it really helped me look at my writing from a different, deeper perspective. I started focusing on the spirit of the writing, the rhythm of the words and punctuation of the writing, and the intangible experience that could occur in writing if one is willing to trust the writing and let it happen. I can’t recommend this book enough to my fellow writers or anyone interested in language and how to work with...

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3 Eccentric Lessons we can learn from Walt Disney on how to turn your vision into a Business

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When I was on my vacation at Disneyland, I went on a tour called Walking in Walt’s Footsteps. It was a fascinating journey into the history of Disneyland, but it was also an excellent example of what happens when you define your vision and stick with it, in order to turn it into a viable reality. Disneyland, and really just Disney in general is still operating off the systems and practices that Walt first put together, which is an amazing accomplishment, especially so long after the life of the founder of the company. So here are 3 lessons I got from my visit to Disneyland that I’m applying to my business and that you can apply to yours. 1. Your vision for your business is defined by the systems you build to support it. Walt Disney had a vision for what Disneyland would look like and how it would run as well as who it would be for. But he also understood that his vision needed systems and what he did was design those very systems to make the experience of Disneyland fun for the people visiting it. Even now those same systems are in place in order to make it easier to run the park, but also insure that people get the experience they are looking for. At the same time, the systems are designed to engage people and get them to spend money. Whether it’s special scents used at specific places or just the positioning or the experience of meeting characters, everything is designed to engage and draw people into an alternate universe. Do you have a vision for your business and is so what systems do you have in place to support and manifest that vision? Disney understood that creativity had to be balanced with process and he combined both to create his empire. 2. Know what to present and what to leave in the background. When you’re in Disneyland, you are onstage. But there also places reserved specifically for the cast members (employees), which are known as backstage. The backstage isn’t open to the public. In your own business knowing what to present and what to leave in the background can be very important. Your...

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