How to Maintain your Edge in Business

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In Great by Choice, by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen, the authors discuss business leaders who plan for the worst of times, while taking advantage of the opportunities in the best of times. In my opinion, that’s smart planning when it comes to business. It’s important to plan for the worst, because inevitably things change, and recognizing that change...

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The Realities of Organizational Change

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I’ve been reading The Principal: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact, by Michael Fullan. It has nothing overtly to do with business, dealing as it does with principals and their roles in schools, but I’m a believer that if you want to be effective as a business owner you study not just business but other disciplines that can teach you about organizational...

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How to be a Resource to your Clients and Network

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One of the realizations I came to early on in my consulting practice was that I could not be everything for my clients, nor could I provide every service or product to my clients. The best thing I could do was accept that I couldn’t be everything to everyone and instead focus on being a resource to people who have needs I can’t fulfill. I know I...

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Good leader characteristics to cultivate

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I’m reading the Unfinished Leader, which focuses on the complexities of leadership, specifically in dealing with paradoxes and resolvable problems. It’s an interesting book, which argues that many leaders go into situations believing they can find a solution to the problem without considering the various factors that effect the problem, which can include...

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There is no silver bullet for business

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  In How the Mighty Fall, the author points out there is no silver bullet for business success. It’s a point that’s well made and sadly can’t be made enough. A lot of business owners have this idea that there is a silver bullet that will help them be successful and stay successful. when social media first hit the scene, it was treated as...

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How Responsibility changes your business

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In both A Culture of Purpose and How the Mighty Fall, the authors make a point which can transform your business or job. They each note, in their respective books that people who perceive what they do as a responsibility treat it differently than if they view it as something which is done for a paycheck. A responsibility is a recognition of power, as well an...

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