How to Implement the rule of 3 in your business

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In Romancing the Brand, the author discusses a rule of marketing call the rule of 3. The rule of 3 works in this way: If you hear about an issue 3 different times, then you know you need to do something to resolve the issue. While it’s a marketing rule, it also applies to customer service. If you hear of an issue 3 times then you need to do something about it....

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What are your BHAGs?

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In Built to Last, the authors discuss the concept of the BHAG, the Big Hairy Audacious Goal. A BHAG is a goal that is risky, visionary, and pushes the company to go places it hasn’t gone before. The authors use the example of Boeing, and how Boeing used a BHAG to push themselves to develop the first jet. Up until the jet was developed, propeller technology was...

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The Marketing Value of your Core Ideology

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In Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, the authors point out that great companies have a well articulated and documented core ideology that informs every action the company does. As I read the case studies they used to illustrate this point, I realized I’d never written down core ideology of my business. So I decided to write it down and put it on...

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Plan your Business by Design instead of Reaction

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One of the pieces of advice I give my clients is that it’s important to plan your business by design instead of by reaction. You can’t really plan a business by reaction, because you are reacting to something, which controls the actions of your business because you’ve been forced to react. A business run on reaction staggers from crisis to crisis,...

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The myth of the Great idea

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I’m reading Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. The authors make an insightful point when they note that successful businesses aren’t built on a great idea, but instead are built by focusing on how to build a great organization. The great idea is sold as myth of great business, but while a great idea can be useful, as the authors point out it...

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Why Sales is always treated as a windfall (even though it often isn’t)

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In Profitable Routines, Christopher Bates, talks about different types of sales strategies. One which stood out to me in particular is the windfall sales strategy. Why it stood out to me is the fact that I think every sales person would love it if their sales was always in windfall. Windfall sales is the type of sales that is reactive. The phone rings, the sales...

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