The Intrinsic motivation behind your business

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When I first started my business, one of the most important discoveries I needed to make was what would motivate me to work at my business day in and day out, especially if I didn’t get clients right away. Seven years later, I can say that my intrinsic motivation and rewards is more essential than ever, for while I do have clients and I get paid for my...

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How the individual creates the team

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In the DNA of the Resilient Organization, the author makes an excellent about building teams, when she notes that in order to build a team the focus must be on each individual on the team. The classic saying about teams is that there is no I in team, but the problem with such a perspective on teams is that the needs of the individuals can be ignored, which can...

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The Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Business

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Whenever someone tells me they are having trouble with their marketing (a common symptom of a dysfunctional business) I know that problem is only the tip of the iceberg. Inevitably their are other problems in their business which either are begin ignored or aren’t recognized as problems, because the focus is on marketing. Sandra Suran, author of DNA of the...

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How Communication makes or breaks your business

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In The DNA of Resilient Organization, the ¬†author points out that an organization needs to have specific processes built around communication in order to make the business successful. If your business doesn’t have those processes in place a lot of communication can be wasted. I’ve seen this occur with both big and small businesses. With big businesses,...

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Do you need a Plan B for your business?

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I’m reading the DNA of the Resilient Organization by Sandra Suran. In it she makes an interesting point about developing a Plan B for your business. She argues that making a plan B for your business becomes a distraction from your original plan and invites negative thinking and pessimism into the equation because you are essentially planning for your failure....

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Why your Lead Referral Group needs a Board of Directors

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When you join a leads referral group, you probably don’t expect it to be run like a business. After all, you are going to the meeting to network and ideally pass leads, but if you think about it the question you should ask is why isn’t this group run like a business. The majority of people attending such a group either own a business or are in a position...

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