Uncertainty is a reality of life and business

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One of the realities of business (and life for that matter) is that there is no such thing as certainty. As people, we crave certainty. You see it in business, with money back guarantees, warranties, and other such things all designed to provide a sense of certainty, a sense of risk reversal that helps the buyer feel safe enough to take the risk. But certainty is...

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How Power Partner Groups can lead to more Referrals

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A power partner group is made up of people who offer services that are complementary to each other, who want to work with the same type of clients and aren’t in competition with you for those clients. Power partners are more likely to refer business to you because they are working with clients who made need your services. Likewise you are more likely to refer...

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How to conduct effective one-on-one networking meetings

By on Sep 4, 2014 in Blog, networking | 2 comments

As part of my networking activity, I do a fair amount of one-on-one meetings with people I meet in order to learn about who they are, what they do, and who they are looking to connect with and what they need. One of the observations I inevitably in end up making is that the majority of people who do one-on-ones don’t really know how to do them, in order to...

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How to Calibrate your Business Offerings

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Over the years, one of the lessons I’ve learned about business is how important it is to carefully test your products and services to see if people really want them. In Great by Choice, the authors also share their own wisdom about strategy, calling it the strategy of firing bullets until you know its time to fire a cannonball. The reason you want to calibrate...

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Persistence Pays Off in Networking

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The other day I went to an after hours event and while there saw a number of acquaintances that I’ve met at other networking meetings. In a few cases, I ended up having longer conversations with a few of the acquaintances, than I’d normally had before. During the course of the conversation they noted that they’d seen me at other events. What these...

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6 Tips to prepare for Business Trips

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I recently got back from an 11 day business trip. The trip was great, with new connections made and new opportunities discovered. However, as anyone who takes such trips knows, it can be very easy to fall behind on the daily work you do for your business, as well as other aspects of life, which need to be caught up with, once you get back from the trip. And whether...

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