How to create an effective financial budget for your business

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In the Attacker’s Advantage, one of the points the author raises is that the way businesses handle budgets is not effective, because the budget is set once a year. I agree with his perspective and also his solution which is that businesses should review their budgets quarterly in order to adjust to changes in their industry as well as changes in the projects...

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5 Tips for better Time Management

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One of the questions I’m asked on occasion is how I’m able to work on three different businesses that I own and still have time for an active social and family life. The answer to that question is having time management skills that allow me to balance and prioritize what’s important and productive over what’s busy and time wasting, but not...

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Size and Systems

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One of the fallacies that I see occur in business and other organizations is a misguided belief that the size of an organization matters as to why that organization does or doesn’t have good systems in place. For example, there’s a tendency to argue that the bigger an organization the more dysfunctional it is. This simply isn’t true. While many...

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Why the numbers need to be balanced with customer needs

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In businesses there is sometimes a tendency to focus on the numbers and use them as the only metric by which success is measured. This is a myopic perspective to take, because while numbers never lie, sometimes they also omit key information. Numbers can tell you a lot about your business, but there’s also something to be said for seeing your business from the...

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Is there such a thing as too much planning for your business?

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The other day I was chatting with a client about their business plan and they shared with me that they didn’t feel like making a plan beyond 5 years was realistic. I didn’t disagree with them, because I could appreciate that developing a plan to a certain point was what was most effective for them, but it did get me thinking about the occasional business...

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Why you need a Resource Team for your Business

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This last week I met with several different recent acquaintances I made, with the purposes of learning what they do and how what they do can help me, my clients, and anyone else I connect to who needs help solving a problem. The reason I was doing it was to build my resource team and its actually something I do every time I meet with someone for a one-on-one...

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