Why I don’t believe in B2B or B2C Exclusive Leads groups

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I’ve belonged to a number of different lead referral organizations. One element most of them have had in common is a tendency to create lead referral groups that are specifically for business to consumer businesses (B2C) or business to business businesses (B2B) with never the two groups meeting because theoretically neither has much to offer to the other in...

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How to turn failure into opportunity

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Failure is a reality of life and business. When you can embrace failure, you learn how not to take it too personally, and instead find opportunity within it. Recently, I went on a business trip, which didn’t turn out the way I expected. I thought I’d have more people at the event than was there and needless I felt like I’d failed. After giving...

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How to Deal with Problems in your Business Processes

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  You’ve developed a business process. It describes how certain activities in your business should work. You’ve gotten relevant feedback from people involved in the process and they seem to feel that it accurately describes what they do. Then you implement the process and instead of running smoothly, problems occur. The people implementing the...

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Risk and Reward in Business

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There’s an assumption in business that if you don’t take risks, you don’t get rewards. Consequently risk is valued, and while it might be argued that its really just calculated risk, which is valued, I find it to be an interesting axiom that doesn’t necessarily apply to very successful companies. In Great by Choice, the authors point out that...

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Uncertainty is a reality of life and business

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One of the realities of business (and life for that matter) is that there is no such thing as certainty. As people, we crave certainty. You see it in business, with money back guarantees, warranties, and other such things all designed to provide a sense of certainty, a sense of risk reversal that helps the buyer feel safe enough to take the risk. But certainty is...

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How Power Partner Groups can lead to more Referrals

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A power partner group is made up of people who offer services that are complementary to each other, who want to work with the same type of clients and aren’t in competition with you for those clients. Power partners are more likely to refer business to you because they are working with clients who made need your services. Likewise you are more likely to refer...

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