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I work with eccentric entrepreneurs, business owners who have weird interests, eclectic spiritual beliefs, the passionate drive to share something special with the world.

I believe you can turn your weird interests into amazing businesses that empower your clients while inspiring your life and work.

I believe that being true to yourself is the best path forward to business success.

I believe what makes your business intriguing is how you show up to wow your clients and make them want more.

I’m your business wizard and I’ll wave my magic wand and help you run your business the way you want to, in all your eccentric glory and passion. I’ll teach you how to turn your passion into fuel for your business, and how to let your secret identity blaze forth and shine a light to your community and clients, transforming them into rabid fans who can’t get enough of what you do, because of how it changes their lives for the better.

If you’re tired of blending in with your competition, of just being another sheep in a flock of sheep, and if you want to let your rebel spirit be free to transform your business into the greatness it deserves to be, then Contact me for a complimentary Business Strategy Design session. During that session we’ll look at what’s really holding you back from business success and put you on a journey that will transform you and your business into the greatness that you truly deserve.

And join my Facebook community for Eccentric Entrepreneurs, which is all about empowering each other to be successful at the business(es) we love.

Working with Taylor has changed the way I look at my business. He has helped me focus on growing my business and still maintain a good work/life balance. His holistic coaching approach has helped me identify the challenges in my business and has given me the tools to not only overcome these challenges, but use them as an opportunity to become better at what I do. Taylor pushes me out of my comfort zone. He knows just what I need and how hard to push to meet my goals. I am so thankful for Taylor’s knowledge, caring and insightful counsel. I recommend Taylor Ellwood to any business owner ready to push their business to the next level. – Haley Lewis of Lewis Creative

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