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When you own a business, you aren’t just doing something you love. You are also marketing the business, selling your services and products, keeping up on the finances, and a variety of other tasks, all of which is known as running the business. If running the business isn’t well executed, you get overwhelmed and burn out on doing something you love. You can delegate some of this work, but some of it can only be done by the business owner or business, but there’s no one there to teach you how to design a successful business.

That’s where I come in. When you work with me, we will design your successful business. You’ll learn how to set your business up to be successful, without having to put more work into it than is absolutely needed. I help you learn the fundamental skills of running your business, and also teach you how to plan ahead and scale your business for further success. And I take a holistic approach, which means we look at every aspect of your business from marketing and sales to leadership and operations to work/life balance and employee satisfaction. By taking such a well-rounded approach we cover all the bases and build a foundation that makes growing business really easy and lots of fun!

Whether you’re just starting business or have been running it for fifteen years, I can help you design your successful business. And with me you won’t get a cookie cutter approach to working on your business. You and I will custom develop the design that best fits your business needs. Interested in learning more? Contact me at 503-869-0163 for a complimentary Business Strategy Design session. During that session we’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses and start developing the design that will make your business successful!

Working with Taylor has changed the way I look at my business. He has helped me focus on growing my business and still maintain a good work/life balance. His holistic coaching approach has helped me identify the challenges in my business and has given me the tools to not only overcome these challenges, but use them as an opportunity to become better at what I do. Taylor pushes me out of my comfort zone. He knows just what I need and how hard to push to meet my goals. I am so thankful for Taylor’s knowledge, caring and insightful counsel. I recommend Taylor Ellwood to any business owner ready to push their business to the next level. – Haley Lewis of Lewis Creative

Imagine Your Reality Holistic Business Design

Imagine Your Reality Holistic Business Design