Below are Testimonials from clients I’ve worked with in the past:

As a new entrepreneur, I found that though I have an excellent technical skill set for my consulting practice, I lacked the ability to successfully market my offering.  Taylor has helped me frame my message, improve my communication skills with potential clients, and develop a 3 year plan.  In addition to helping with the “business side” of my life, Taylor continues to help with positive thinking and personal growth dealing with the issues inherent in starting a small business.  Taylor truly cares about his clients’ success and I recommend his service. Robert A. Fowke, Ph.D. President of Business Efficiency Consulting


Taylor is a great business coach. He will assist you with finding where your business is getting stuck and even where you’re personally getting stuck. Everything in your life impacts your business, which is why a holistic coach like Taylor is far more valuable than a standard “business only” coach. Highly recommended! Allen Wagner, CEO of Columbia SEO Consulting



It’s been so wonderful working with Taylor. He truly cares for not only how your business does but for you as a person. He’s detailed orientated, and is forcing me to really focus on some issues that really need to be worked through for my business to grow but that I’d quite frankly, much rather pass over.  I’ll be continuing to use him as a business coach for quite a while to come. Since he’s started helping me, my client base has been expanding. Thank you Taylor!! Aleta Mekvold, President of Mekvold Quality Bookkeeping



Taylor Ellwood is an exceptional business coach. From our first ever conversation to the time we started our business relationship, he fully understood me and my business and laid out the foundation to help me succeed. I was stuck in my business and the best way to proceed but Taylor clarified my business objectives, helped me create a marketing strategy, and also helped me define my business policies. This enabled me to better understand how my business should function and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. I recommend Taylor to anyone who is looking for a coach that listens, is personable, easy to talk to and delivers results. His approach to coaching has not only created a life-long business buddy, but also a life-long friendship. I whole-heartedly recommend Taylor to anyone who currently owns or is planning to start a small business and wants to have a great support partner. John Trivedi, President of World Travellers United

John Trivedi


Taylor assisted me in understanding my goals in both the short-term and the long-term.  His suggestions provided clarity and motivated me to a higher standard for how I manage, maintain and grow my business.  Before his coaching I was much more scattered in the multiple hats that I wear for business.  After my coaching sessions, it has been a treat to actually work on my business knowing I am taking it to new heights.  Ultimately, what I have received from him is a deep awareness of my business’ vulnerabilities and strengths.  Recognizing it, I find that I can take this knowledge and run with it, keeping in mind my goals.  I was open and honest with my business during his coaching sessions with me.  That opened the door to receive his expertise  to support all facets of my business.  He is a five-star business coach! – Erik Roth President of Inspiral Nexus LLC



Taylor is an excellent business coach, who will patiently work his way with you through the details of your business.  His methods are about diligence, thoroughness, and setting a course for a bright future.  Working with Taylor helped me develop the back-end pieces of my business that I was missing and didn’t want to find the time to build.  Taylor is great at keeping you accountable to yourself, so that you realize the value in the work that you need to do to be successful.  I would recommend Taylor for any new business owner who wants to ensure that their business is set up successfully and built with a plan in mind for growing into the future. Gary Cameron of Cameron Leadership Coaching



I just want to thank you for all your help and advice you have given us over the last year and a half.  We had some real issues in our office to deal with that we just couldn’t seem to fix.  Your were an extra set of eyes plus you also had many good suggestions when we were stumped.  Things are running much smoother and Kevin and I are on the same page most of the time. You showed us how to talk to one another without letting out egos get in the way.  We hope to continue to meet weekly and share ideas.  We look forward to the upcoming months/years together and are hopeful that this business will continue to grow and flourish.  Thanks for all your help. Barb Yerke and Kevin Minkoff of Not Your Ordinary Bean Counters



After running my own business for over 30 years as a bookkeeper, I wanted to create my life time dream of becoming a professional artist.  I was introduced to Taylor Ellwood by a very good friend who I trust.  At 62, I am finally following my dream.  Taylor was so intuitive and sensitive to my needs.  Creating a business plan was so difficult for me to do on my own.  He helped me to create a 1 year plan that I can adjust and contour it as I go.  I can do it. When I was stumped he helped me through the confusion and kept me focused. He was so supportive and believed in my art and the life change that I wanted to make. Not only did we create a business plan, but, he introduced me to people that I needed in my development, such as a photographer, and web designer. Taylor has a network of people to recommend for the expertise that you may have. To me, I felt that any cost that I incurred by hiring Taylor, was an investment in myself. Taylor was sensitive to the fact that there is an investment.  He taught me as we went through the process, so that I can continue on my own. I learned to believe in myself and my dream.  Taylor is all about getting to work and accomplishing the goal. Thank you so much Taylor. You have been a dream maker. Thank you, you are the BEST!! – Elaine Evans, Artist


Our team hired Taylor to help us with our outreach and marketing plan. We got exactly what we asked for in the most useful way. I couldn’t have found a consultant who would do a better job for us. He understood immediately what we were looking for and gave us resources we will be able to use now and in the future. A big thumbs up! – Becky Washington  Cascade Job Fair Coordinator for Portland Community College

Becky Washington


If you don’t have a business coach you are missing out on one of the most important sources of information and that is you. Psychologists have known this for years and guide patients in understanding themselves better. The premise being that the patient knows what is best for them they just need some support for their inner guidance to show. The same is true for business, particularly if you are a sole practitioner.  You have a wealth of information and knowledge stored inside you but you need a way to bring this out into the world. No one knows better than you about your business but most of us need some help in extracting this inner wisdom. Enter the role of the business coach and in particular Taylor Ellwood. Taylor is a gifted business coach, he understands business is more than just an isolated area of your life but forms part of the whole. The whole of your life. Taylor is an expert in supporting you to find your own way. Your gifts. Your talents. Much the same way as the therapist allows the patient to find their inner light, Taylor will support you in developing your maximum potential by allowing all of you to shine forth. My suggestion is to try a one month block with Taylor and notice how you feel about yourself and your business at the end of that period. I predict that you will feel more enlivened more focused and more confident about your business and your life. – Stephen F, Software Developer


In 2015 I met Taylor Ellwood at a convention in Michigan.  We are both entrepreneurs and as we continued to talk he brought up his business coaching program. I am a business consultant for The Fairy Apothecary, a custom bath and body products company based out of Goshen, NY.  Kristin Brayman, the owner of The Fairy Apothecary, hired me about three years ago to assist her in further developing her idea. We had made some decent strides in that time however, the unique nature of the business made for some serious innovation and with a world of possibilities, we had a hard time paring down our options and often found ourselves overwhelmed and even occasionally, paralyzed. We began to work with Taylor in April and I can say without question that his guidance and assistance have been invaluable to The Fairy Apothecary’s growth.  In the months following we met via phone conference every Monday where we touched upon everything from developing more effective systems for production to becoming more aware of our own counterproductive habits in order to create methods of addressing them before they caused the business serious difficulty.  Taylor’s ability to strike a balance between no-nonsense, practical advice and encouraging us to trust our creativity and instincts allowed us to build upon our strengths and to examine what we are doing with a critical eye as we move forward. Since then we have seen increases in sales, developed marketing that speaks directly to our ideal customers and created a solid plan to guide us in unprecedented territory.  While we have reached a point where we no longer meet weekly, Taylor still inquires about us.  We are confident that he is committed to our future success and to providing us with continued support as The Fairy Apothecary evolves into the business of our dreams. I would recommend Taylor’s coaching to anyone hoping to take their business to the next level.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again as we take on new projects and expand our horizons. Lauren Ouellette-Bruchez, The Fairy Apothecary


Taylor has a wide variety of experience that allows him to coach many different types of businesses. He has helped me see some of my blind spots in my professional life, and helped me gain more clarity in my business. Working with Taylor can help bring ideas to fruition, bring clarity to situations and strategies, and help free up time. Best of all, it’s a great investment to work with him. He is not afraid of confronting the issues that stand in the way of success, in a gentle but firm way. Jackie Pasciak Financial Adviser at Investment Management Consultants

The Herbarium

The Herbarium

The session with Taylor was incredibly helpful! All of us were encouraged and satisfied with the ideas and suggestions Taylor made. We immediately bought the whiteboard and put our top 4 priority tasks and due dates. We’re putting together a business plan and moving forward in a direction that is exciting to all of us. – Jessi Charlene, office manager for the Herbarium.