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Wealth and its place in my life

By on Aug 15, 2012 in Blog, business, Finance | 0 comments

  One of my readers asked me what my answers were to the questions I asked in this post. That’s a fair question to ask. To be honest, I’m working on raising my wealth barometer. Financially I’d definitely like to be in a better place than I’m at now, though it is nice to finally feel like I’m no longer just surviving or scraping...

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What is your wealth barometer?

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  One of the questions I ask my clients is about the quality of life they want. In other words, I want to know the level of wealth they want in life. I don’t focus on just money in this question, because while money is a part of wealth, its not the only indicator of wealth. Your love life is an indicator as is your relationship with your friends. The...

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What is joy and wealth in business?

By on Apr 19, 2012 in Blog, business, Work-life balance | 0 comments

Over the last seven months I’ve been taking a class on small business management. One of the prevalent themes has been measuring your joy and wealth in your business, and in your life. When I think about the words joy and wealth and how they apply to business I think that what stands out most is that the majority of self-employed people I’ve met do seem...

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Newsletter 4/21/08

By on Apr 21, 2008 in classes, communication | 0 comments

Table of Contents Introduction Article: The importance of Believing in the Abundance You Deserve Book Review: Creativity for Life by Eric Maisel Upcoming Workshops ********** Introduction This weekend I had the opportunity to present my class on breathing easy at the body Mind spirit Expo, in Portland, OR. I had a small group of people show up, but given that I had...

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