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Social media policies and discipline

By on Oct 13, 2011 in Blog, Social Media, social media behavior | 0 comments

  One of the problems that businesses face, when integrating social media into their marketing, networking, etc is the issue of discipline, specifically the discipline that is applied to employees using social media for personal uses or for unprofessional activity as it applies directly to work. While companies can fire employees for improper use of social...

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Best practices and discipline in social media policies

By on Nov 23, 2010 in Social Media | 0 comments

At a talk I recently attended, one of the panelists made a point that social media policy is about disciplinary measure and that best practices are a separate subject. From a legal standpoint, I see the perspective of the panelist. It’s important that policy explains and expresses the discipline measures and consequences that can occur if social media is used...

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Four tips for social media policies

By on Sep 15, 2010 in business, Social Media | 0 comments

As businesses develop social media business plans, it’s important to consider what types of policies should be introduced into the plan that allow the business to effectively engage in social media while at the same time respecting company culture and proprietary information. Businesses need to also consider employee participation on social media when...

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How to help your employees with social media

By on Aug 9, 2010 in business, Social Media, social media behavior | 0 comments

As more and more employees get involved on social media sites, its important to know how to explain social media to them, as well as encourage their use of social media in a way that also considers proprietary information, and speaking positively about the company. At the same time, it’s also important to respect that each employee has his/her own voice and...

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