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What’s beyond debt free?

By on May 9, 2012 in Blog, Finance, Goals | 0 comments

  At a recent chamber meeting, all of us were doing an exercise where we were asked to write down an intention we’d like to manifest in our lives. Not surprisingly a lot of people wrote down wanting to be debt-free. It’s an excellent goal and intention to have, but it’s also a bit short sighted, because it doesn’t really focus on what’s going to happen after you’ve become debt-free. I find with financial goals that its really important to have both short and long term goals. Being debt-free is a short term goal, but a long term financial goal focuses you on thinking about what you’ll do with the money you get after you no longer have debt. For example, one of my long term financial goals involves regular investments into my IRA accounts, as well as other accounts that can help me grow my money. I know that if I ever retire I’ll need to be able to draw on that money. And the recognition of that helps me focus on the long term goal of achieving financial independence. Debt free frees me of debt, but it doesn’t make me financially independent. That only occurs if I have a plan in place after I’ve reached that debt free space I want to be in. What are your short and long term financial goals? It’s important to define them for your life and business. It’ll help you make the right choices to grow your business and sustain the life you want to...

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Why money as an end goal doesn’t work

By on Feb 14, 2012 in Blog, business, Finance | 0 comments

  If you don’t know where the money goes, you can’t know where the business will flow. It’s a saying I’m fond of telling my clients. It comes from a realization I had years ago, when I realized that my end goal of making money was not a good goal, because I was treating money as the end goal, instead of treating it for what it is: A medium and means of achieving goals. If your end goal is to merely make money, you won’t really grow your business. You could get more clients, but will they be the right clients, or will you just take anyone? In my experience when you are focused on only getting money, you’ll take anyone, but this actually scatters your focus. What will the money go toward? Will you use it to sustain your lifestyle, beef up your retirement, or for something else? Until you answer this question, you are in a void when it comes to your business. If you don’t know why you are making money or what it will be used for, you aren’t in touch with your goals. You haven’t even made any. The successful business owner is not just someone who has clients. It is someone who has goals that s/he is shooting for, in terms of his/her life as well as for the business. When you know what your life goals are, then your business becomes what you need it to be, a means of supporting and focusing you. The money becomes a means to an end, and no longer defines the clients you’ll take.Instead you take the clients that will help you embody the business you want to...

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