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“Taylor’s presentations are great! He’s able to condense really complex information into understandable chunks and present them in a way that is easy to put them into practice. Plus he connects really well with his audience so that it’s a very comfortable experience.”
— Barbara Saunders President of IASECP

“Taylor is one of the most intelligent and personable young men that I have ever met. His knowledge and teaching skills on how social media can help grow your business have helped me tremendously. I’ve attended some of his seminars and have always come away a better businessman. Taylor is also great at teaching businesses how to play to their strengths and how to automate their social media presence to better manage their time. I would highly recommend Taylor to any business needing a solid social media strategy. “
— Gary Powell Owner of Image Wear Solutions

“Taylor has the ability to “see” what you need to move your business forward. He is very intuitive and gives good direction. He becomes involved in your situation. He gave me “home work”! I really benefit from my time with Taylor.”
— Judy Orcutt President of Quilligraphy

“Taylor is very professional and skilled in his area of expertise. In this world of social media, we all need someone like him to guide us. Thanks to Taylor, social media is no longer a mystery to me. I would highly recommend him to all my colleagues.”
— Gina Sienia

“I have known Taylor for the past couple of years and watched him develop his business into new and unique areas. I have taken classes from him on networking and social media and will continue taking webinars and classes as he helps me develop my social media strategy. Taylor is a very good teacher and I highly recommend his services and classes, in particular to those business owners who are not sure how to proceed with social media. This new media is not going away so do yourself a favor and get some help from Taylor to make sure you are helping yourself and using it properly. You will be glad you did.”
— Lynn Gray President of Priority Payment Systems.

“Taylor’s class was concise, clear and thoroughly informative for me on the process of finishing a book and the steps involved in preparing to market and share it with the public. I came away with a wider understanding of the publishing world and process involved between writers and their potential publishing firms, as well as a multitude of creative and inspirational angles and paths to take. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is writing a book or story, or even simply considering to, which they feel is worth sharing with the world — and maybe especially if you doubt it’s that good. We all can use some encouragement to trust that what we have to share is worthy, and Taylor definitively provides that personal level of encouragement and support in, what to me, was a surprisingly warm and very receivable way for a tele-class. “
— Christopher Browne, Portland Oregon

“I hired Taylor for a one-on-one social networking session. He was fantastic at explaining the different sites, what they had to offer and how I could utilize them in the best and easiest fashion. He’s very knowledgeable and easy-going , I’m so very glad I made this investment with him!”
–Alesia Zorn, Alesia Zorn Calligraphy and More