October 2016 Eccentric Entrepreneurs Podcast

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Did you miss an episode of Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcast in October? You can catch up on episodes here and read a book review. Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Business of Book Launches with Brandy Williams and LaSara Firefox Allen Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Business of Reiki with Izzy Swanson Book Review: The Business of Wanting More by Brian Gast In this book, the author explores how apparently successful people can sabotage themselves because they haven’t dealt with their internal issues. He does a good job of illustrating how a person can sabotage themselves as well as providing exercises for how to work through your internal issues. He makes some important points about success vs fulfillment and why its important to not get caught up in the trappings of success, without really checking in if you are fulfilled. I’d recommend this book to any business owner as a way of doing an internal inventory of your own success and any potential sabotages that may come up and be ignored. This book will help you confront your shadows and work with them so you come to a place of...

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Eccentric Entrepreneurs September 2016 podcasts

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Did you miss an episode of Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcast in september? Fear not…all of the episodes are here. Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Art of Asking with Felix Warren Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Business of Music with Katelynn Convery Eccentric Entrepreneurs: Boundaries in Business with Bill Duvendack and Catharine Clarenbach If you enjoy the podcasts, please¬†become my patron. Your patronage supports the costs of the...

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July 2016 Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcasts + Book Reviews

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Did you miss an episode of Eccentric Entrepreneurs in July? Here are the links to the episodes. Eccentric Entrepreneurs: Money and Business with Kevin Minkoff Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Business of Art with Cate Anevski Book Review: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer A friend of mine gave me this book and despite the fact that I was already reading 8 books at the time, I cracked the cover that night and started reading. And I was hooked, both by Amanda’s story and what the book is really about: How to ask, how to give, and how to receive. There were times I read this book and felt really moved to tears, times I felt emotions come up where I needed to explore why I felt so resistant to trusting, giving, or asking. This book gave me a ton to think about and work through, in a good way. There are lessons here I’ll revisit, and work into my business and life. If you don’t read anything else this year, do yourself a favor and read this book. Book Review: Ensouling Language by Stephen Buhner If you’re a writer of nonfiction or fiction, Ensouling Language is an essential must read book on the art of writing. While the author’s focus is on non-fiction, the insights he shares can be applied to fiction. As I read this book and tried the exercises, it really helped me look at my writing from a different, deeper perspective. I started focusing on the spirit of the writing, the rhythm of the words and punctuation of the writing, and the intangible experience that could occur in writing if one is willing to trust the writing and let it happen. I can’t recommend this book enough to my fellow writers or anyone interested in language and how to work with...

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May Eccentric Entrepreneur podcasts and book reviews

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Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcast: What is eccentricity?¬†with Lauren Ouellete-Bruchard and Robert King Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcast: How to build a successful Tarot Reading Business with Lilian Wrenrick and Azucena Alev Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcast: How to stay healthy when you own a business with Kalina Barton Jones. Book Review: Influence Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini This was a fascinating book to read because the author explores specific behaviors people do that can be used to influence other people, as well as sharing how to defend against those behaviors. As I read the book I implemented his suggestions and found it was much easier to recognize situations where people were trying to influence and manipulate choices. This is a must read book to help you recognize these behaviors and defend against them. What this book will help you do is recognize how people are influenced, and why, and what to look for in whatever situation you are in, as well as what to do to counter those behaviors. Book Review: How to Attract significantly more customers in good times and bad by Mark Paul In this book, the author reveals 8 secrets to helping businesses improve their bottom line. Most of the secrets are actually common sense, but given how rarely common sense is followed, I like that the author includes them and uses to challenge the reader to get out of his/her usual way of doing things so that they can determine what activities actually work and what activities don’t work. The author does a good job of showing how you can qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate your activities as well as why you want to and does provide some assistance if you are looking for help. If you want to grow your business, this is a good resource to help you with that process. Do you enjoy my writing, videos and the Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcast? If so please donate. Your donations go toward the costs of the podcast and this website. Even a dollar helps me maintain and continue the work that you are enjoying....

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