Frequently Asked Questions about working with me

What types of service do you offer?

Business Design, coaching and consulting

As your business wizard, what I focus on delivering is systems and processes that make your business run smoothly. You want to focus on what you love doing and I’ll help you do that by setting up systems that make your business run seamlessly. I’ll coach you on whatever sabotages or issues are coming up and I’ll consult when it comes to implementing the systems we devise so that you can run your business effortlessly.

Why do businesses need business coaching/consulting?

Owning a business is a lot of work! In fact it’s a second full-time job on top of doing the actual work you want to do. The learning curve to be an effective business owner is steep and can take a lot of time (I’ve worked with business owners who’ve owned a business for decades and still didn’t have some of the skills needed to run it effectively). If you’d rather save that time and put it to better use, hiring me can be on of the best decisions you’ve ever made. I will help you design your successful business, so that you can enjoy a life of joy and wealth.

My Role as Your Business Wizard

My role is defined by your needs and agenda. I’ll never present you with a cookie cutter coaching program, because those programs take a one size fits all approach to business and that’s simply not realistic. Instead we’ll explore what your business needs and then I’ll help you solve those needs and make your business successful in a manner that empowers you as the business owner.

“I know Taylor’s work as a coach through my friendship with him – but with his friends he’s more than glad to do coaching. He’s got ambition for the job, a concern for people, and principles about what he does – as “fun” as life coaching sounds, Taylor takes it as seriously as anything, even when helping his friends. He’s helped me clarify a some career and life goals – when I myself am usually the person others to to for such advice. A rising star to watch for in Social Media and Business Coaching.”

–Steven Savage, San Francisco, CA

“I recently attended an evening seminar on social networking presented by Taylor. I came away with some great new ideas, and a better understanding of the use of social networking. That is a superlative accomplishment, given that I already consider myself technically proficient and web-savvy.”

— Scott Buntin, President of ASAP Mac and PC Services

“As a business coach, Taylor provides small business owners the tools to keep ahead of the social networking learning curve. His knowledge is beneficial to anyone who has a desire to nurture a business utilizing online social networking sites.”

–Zoe Johnson Owner of USquared

Why did you choose a dragon as your logo?

I was born in the Chinese year of the Fire Dragon. I’ve always been interested in Chinese history and mythology. In Chinese mythology, the Dragon is a being of wisdom, intelligence, strength, and power. It’s pearl represents all of these attributes. I chose the dragon as my logo because what I bring to my clients is the same wisdom and strength the dragon has, as well as the intelligence and power to follow through on what I promise my clients. I also chose the dragon because it represents the reality of change as a constant variable. I teach my clients how to embrace and use change to grow their businesses.

What’s the deal with your hat?

If you see me at networking meetings, you’ll see me with a black hat, which has a multi-colored feather in it. I like my hat and I think it offers an important clue about how I work with people. I’m someone who provides perspective, and not just conventional perspective, but also unconventional and unique perspectives. I look at your business from different perspectives and provide you those perspectives to help you grow it successfully. My hat speaks to that unusual perspective. I don’t settle for conventional, either in appearance or in general, and neither should you.

Black hat

Taylor’s hat