Eccentric Success: Get Paid for Your Passion

Eccentric Success is my monthly business program for business owners and eccentric entrepreneurs who want some help making their business successful. Each month we’ll focus on a topic about business that helps you grow your business and get paid for your passion.

Eccentric Success

Eccentric Success

Each month you’ll get the following:

  • Weekly challenges designed to help you with the topic of the month.
  • One or two webinars a month with me on the topic.
  • A livestream video each week on the Facebook Group
  • A Q and A Session with me about the topic.

You also get to vote for next month’s topic.

What’s the investment?

The monthly option is $31 a month. You can cancel at any time.

The yearly option is $342 a year. When you sign up for the year, you get a free month of the monthly program.

April’s topic is on Advanced email Marketing. I’ll be covering how to use segmentation and automation in your email marketing and when you want to use them.


I have had an increase in calls and bookings based on web site updates and email blasts that correspond to coaching of concepts and principles covered in #eccentricsuccess #ee Eccentric Entrepreneurs, as well as being contacted by a party planner, increasing opportunities and leads. The value compared to price of the #ee programs are well worth it. – Robert Scott, Arcana Advising

I wanted to take a moment to distill what I have learned from #eccentricsuccess so far. 1) Find your people, Taylor has found us the weirdos running their own businesses. 2) Raise everyone up together. Because you have done a membership option for group coaching instead of just sticking to coaching one person at a time, more of us have been able to benefit from hopefully about the same amount of energy you might put into just one or two clients in one on ones. 3) Ask your people what they want to learn and then figure out how to provide that, be that directly from your own experience or by bringing in experts you know as guests. I am implementing as much of this as I can into my own business. I am very blessed to have family and a part time job to support me while I do this. And doubly blessed to be in #eccentricsuccess while I do this. РSara Sawyer, Spirit Craft

I just wanted to stop in and share my experience about the eccentric success program. First off, you’ll never find an affordable business coaching program like this one anywhere! The topics covered are important for a business to run smoothly and are explained in a very easy to understand way. What I liked most was that it gave me a place to ask questions, no matter how random or basic, and feel safe asking them as well as getting answers that I can trust. I totally recommend checking the program out. – Shana Leilani

I began Eccentric Success wanting to know the nuts and bolts of making my business grow. The class definitely delivered. It helped me become more aware of the small pieces needed to attract customers and promote myself, along with the actionable steps to accomplish this. – Mark Neinaber