The myth of the Great idea

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  I’m reading Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. The authors make an insightful point when they note that successful businesses aren’t built on a great idea, but instead are built by focusing on how to build a great organization. The great idea is sold as myth of great business, but while a great idea can be useful, as the authors point...

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Why appearance really does matter in business

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  When I was growing up, I held a belief that appearance (i.e. how you dress) doesn’t matter. I’d throw any type of clothing on and not really care if colors matched or if the styles worked together. But as I’ve grown up and gotten some experience in life, I’ve come to realize appearance really does matter, both in business and life, and...

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Why it’s better to focus on what you can be best at

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  I’m reading Good to Great by Jim Collins, and one of the recent chapters I read focused on the principle that a great business is great in part because it focuses on what it can be great at, instead of trying to be good at everything. Or as a mentor of mind once put it, you can’t chase two rabbits at the same time. One of my struggles that...

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Release, Reaffirm, Reinvent, and Renew

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  2013 is upon us and one of the most important activities that you can do for your business is create a vision of what 2013 will look like. Developing a vision of the upcoming year helps you set your intent for the year and what you want to manifest into reality. In this newsletter I’m going to cover how you can create a vision board for 2013 that sets...

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Getting Creative with Adversity

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  Every business deals with times of adversity. It can be the low end of a business cycle or the death of an employee or some crisis that occurs with a customer. Regardless of what it is, your business needs to be prepared to deal with adversity. One of the ways you can deal with adversity is getting creative about how you resolve it. There are always multiple...

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