5 Reasons to Experiment with how you market your Service and Products

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I recently set my Patreon profile up. As I set it up and began figuring out what types of tiers I would offer, I realized that what I was setting up wasn’t set in stone. A friend of mine, who already has a Patreon account, told me how he’s been experimenting with his account, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and that includes the offerings that he has available through his page. I started tweaking my own Patreon and found that the changes made a difference. I had patrons after I made those changes! The first time I came up with a class and wrote up the description, I was sure I would never need to touch that description again. No one signed up for the class the first or second time I promoted it. It became clear to me that I did need to change the description. I needed to experiment with what I was offering and not get so set in stone. So I did some tweaks and offered the class again and I found an audience. My point is you will inevitably make changes to what you offer if you want to find your audience. I want to share with you 5 reasons that you want to experiment with your services and products, in order to reach your audience. 1. The first draft is never as good as you think it is. You’ve put lots of time into writing up the copy of your class. It’s finally done and you’re likely tempted to share it with the world. Do yourself a favor and don’t. Instead take a day or two and focus on another project. Then come back and look at what you wrote with fresh eyes and revise it. THEN, ask a couple of your clients to look at what you wrote and ask them to be brutally honest with you. Would they buy your class, based n this description? Why or why not? Take what they said and revise your class description further. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is putting together a class description and then believing I would never work on it again. I thought it was good enough and...

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Why I re-calibrate my business plan every 3 months and why you should to

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Recently I looked over my business plan and I start deleting some actions from it and then adding some new actions. I was re-calibrating, re-focusing my business. It’s something I do every 3 months, and I do it to make sure I’m working on the right goals and projects that will help grow my business. However what I find puzzling is that few business owners seem to look at, let alone revise their business plan on a regular basis. It’s as if once its written (if one is even written), it’s thrown in the desk and promptly forgotten about. Let’s be honest though. Business plans aren’t exciting. Most people don’t want to spend time writing a business plan or looking it over. They want to take action. The problem is that so many of the actions are aimless. The business falters because there isn’t a clear direction to go in. That’s what a business plan provides: Clarity about the direction you want your business to go in. Whenever I revisit my business plan, it shows me where I’ve been in my business and what direction I need to go in. It allows me to evaluate my current and recent activities to figure out what’s working and what is wasting time. If I never looked I wouldn’t know. It would be like steering a ship in a heavy fog, with no light. At some point you’ll founder, because you don’t know what’s around you. Running a business without a plan, without a clear direction, will eventually run the business in the ground. When I re-calibrate my business, I’m evaluating the goals I’ve accomplished and what the return on investment is and then asking myself what else I can do to move my business in the right direction. I get rid of what isn’t working, look at what is working and why and then come up with the next 3 months of actions that will continue to help me grow the business. If you’re intimidated by the idea of writing a business plan or worried it’ll eat up too much time, let me suggest that you keep it simple. Make it one page long and focus on what you want to...

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Feed your mind!

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Hello Eccentric Entrepreneurs, I think its really important to feed your mind. When you give yourself a wide variety of experiences you open yourself up to the world and to opportunities and possibilities you might not have considered otherwise. Watch the video to learn...

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How to recover from your vacation and get back to work

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Last week I got back from my Disneyland vacation and I was sure that I would only to take the first day back and go slow with my business. I didn’t realize it would take a few days to recover from my vacation. At the same time I couldn’t just not run my business. However what I could do was pick what activities I would do. In the video below I share what you can do to recover from your own vacation and still run your business...

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You never know who will come to dinner

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I recently watched an episode of Undercover Boss. The boss had spent the day learning one of the jobs he has his employees do (without them knowing he was the boss). The employee invited the boss to have dinner at her home. The situation reminded me of the classic myths where a god shows up in disguise to the doors of one of the people who worships the god, to test the person. If the person is hospitable, then they are blessed by the god, but if not, then misfortune falls on them. It was also a lesson in respect. The real lesson is that you never know who will show up in your life. As such its important to treat each person the way you would want to be treated and the way you would treat the most important person in your life. I’ll admit I’m not always good at this. You see someone and you look at their appearance or how they express themselves, or whatever else and you start judging them. I’ve done it before and I’ll probably do it again. The best I can really do is to be aware of my judgments, and to file them away and really look at the person as a person instead of through the filter of my judgments. This is important for business and also life. The ability to look beyond your own judgments is what allows you to be present with the person. Being present with someone is how you discover who they are as well as what their wants and needs are. That can’t occur if you come into the meeting with unexamined biases and judgments. Examining your biases and judgments allows you to dismiss them, to let go of them, so that you can be present and discover the person. You never know who is coming to dinner. Go into any situation and take away what you think you know and open yourself to the actual experience. And when you do that ask yourself how you would want to be treated and then treat the person the same way....

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