Who Trusts You: A guide to better networking and lead referral groups

Who Trusts You

If you are in business for yourself, you do a lot of networking. Don’t you sometimes wish that networking would lead to more business than it does? If you are tired of going to networking events and never getting business, or belonging to a lead referral group and wondering if you’ll ever get a lead, this book will teach you how to turn your networking activities into profitable actions that grow your business.

You will learn why lead referral groups don’t work, and what you can do to create a successful lead referral group that actually passes leads consistently. You will also learn why trust is important, what the right networking attitude is and how to create networking training for yourself and your group in order to improve your skills.

If you are ready to take your networking to the next level, then this book will teach you the fundamental skills needed to make your networking into an activity that grows your business.

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