How to deal with feelings of desperation

By on Dec 3, 2012 in Blog, business, Work-life balance | 0 comments

There comes occasions, particularly in the beginning of a business, but also at other parts of the life span of a business, where you will feel desperate for business. Maybe you don’t have any clients, or only a couple of them or maybe you feel like all of your efforts aren’t producing results so you lower your expectations. Or maybe you really want the sale so you keep pushing for it, even when it would be a good idea to back away.

People can tell when you are desperate, even if you don’t think they can. If, on an emotional level you feel desperate, you will convey it to other people. You’ll convey it in your body language, or how you act around them, or even what you say. You’ll convey it when you keep pushing for someone to contact you so frequently that the person will just wish you’d go away.

Desperation repels people. People pick up on it and they know that you aren’t interested in them or what their problems are. They know you just want their money and the sale. When you are desperate you are so focused on your own problems that your ability to serve others is compromised. You are in a tailspin, trying to find some way out of the dive that you perceive your self and your business is going into.

If you recognize that you are feeling desperate for business there are some actions you can take, which can help you deal with the emotions, and avoid appearing desperate to the people you are interacting with. First simply acknowledging that you are feeling desperate for business can be helpful because you realize that you are feeling that way.

Ask yourself why are you feeling desperate. What is happening in your business or life that is making you feel that way? It may not be business related, but whatever it is that is making you feel that way is what needs to be addressed, either by yourself, or with someone in your life that you can confide in. In fact, talking with someone may be exactly what you need to do, because that person will help you get some perspective on your situation.

It’s also a good idea to look at your business plan and check if you are implementing everything in it. If you aren’t, then that may help you business and if you are, it would be good to revise your business plan and try some other approaches to getting business.

Finally, when you go networking or meeting with clients put your best face and foot forward. If you’re feeling down, before you go to the meeting take a moment and think about a happy event in your life or someone your like or love or what you like about the people you are meeting with. Your mood will improve for the meeting, which will help you focus on the people around you.