Why you can never go over your marketing plan enough

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I was working with a client recently and we were going over a marketing worksheet that I’d asked her to fill out. She noted that some of the work she did on it overlapped with some previous work we’d done on her target client profiles. I acknowledged that there was some overlap, but also noted how her answers had evolved since we’d filled out the client profiles.

In my opinion you can’t go over your marketing plan enough and the reason for that is that most people struggle with marketing. Thus it can be helpful to be repetitive to some degree with your marketing. If you have to look at your marketing several times over it provides you an opportunity to get really clear on the language and on who the marketing is intended for.

Why is marketing so hard for many people? I think its because people focus so much on the features of their business, what they think someone will want or be drawn to, and they forget that people don’t buy a service or product because it looks neat or has a special feature you can’t find anywhere else. People buy because they have a problem that needs to be solved and they think the benefits that the service or product offers is worth the investment of their money. Your challenge isn’t to convey the features of a given service or product. The challenge is to explain the benefits of what you offer, so that people know why they should buy from you.

Going over your marketing plan and doing a few exercises that overlap can help you get clear on the benefits of your business and who you need to explain those benefits to. It’s better to go over your marketing plan a few extra times because it will help you understand how to explain your business to people in a way that demonstrates you understand their needs and problems. The features can come later when they actually do business with you.

Book Review: The Little Blue Book of Advertising by Steve Lance and Jeff Woll

Whether you own a business or work in an advertising or creative agency, this book is a must read. While some of the advice only applies to businesses and agencies that have a budget, even a small business owner will get a lot of valuable advice from this book. I found myself dogtagging pages and taking their advice and applying it to my own business. The authors will show you the value of benefits, and how effective advertising works because people identify with what the advertising offers. If you want to be a better marketer, pick this book up and follow the advice.

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