Eccentric Entrepreneurs September 2016 podcasts

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Did you miss an episode of Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcast in september? Fear not…all of the episodes are here. Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Art of Asking with Felix Warren Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Business of Music with Katelynn Convery Eccentric Entrepreneurs: Boundaries in Business with Bill Duvendack and Catharine Clarenbach If you enjoy the podcasts, please become my patron. Your patronage supports the costs of the...

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How to learn from failure in order to be successful with your business

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Today I did a webinar on failure and how you can learn to be successful from failure. In it I share some tips on how you can learn failure, but why you need to actually accept you’ve failed.

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How to turn failure into success

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We all fail, but the real question is can we turn failure into success? Learning how to to turn failure into success involves learning how to recognize what didn’t work and make changes. It also involves learning how to perceive opportunity to learn and grow in the failure. I talk about why that is and what you can do to learn from failure.

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Failure and false positivity in business

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When you own a small business and everything isn’t going your way, it can be tempting to put on a brave front, with false positivity and pretend everything is okay. I want to share why that isn’t a good idea and how liberating it can be to admit you’re failing, because then you can get the help you need.

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Don’t bash your head against the wall in your business

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Continuing on with our series about failure in business, I discuss why its important to not make the same mistakes again and again, otherwise known as bashing your head against a wall. Part of why businesses fail is because the business owner doesn’t learn from the failures.

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How to handle failure in your business

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Failure is an inevitable reality of business. But how you handle failure is up to you. You will come up against many blocks, many frustrations and in this video I try to answer the tough question of whether you should continue with your business or give up the ghost and move on.

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Protected: Eccentric Success September 2016

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Welcome Eccentric Successors, This is your resource page for September 2016. The topic of the month is: How to set-up your Patreon account This month we’re going to be learning about Patreon. If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a site where you, as the artist, writer, and creator can get support from your fans. Think of it as crowdfunding similar to gofundme and related sites. The key difference is that it can become a permanent crowdfunding source of revenue for you. You basically acquire patrons who agree to support your work with money in exchange for advance access to the work you are doing. The beauty of such a system is that it enables your fans to support you while you are doing your work, AND they’ll likely pay you for the finished product as well. I would recommend Patreon for anyone involved in a creative project or industry, looking for a way to supplement your income with some additional sources of revenue. This month our format includes a Guest Speaker and two Webinars. Each webinar will be on a specific subtopic. The reason I’m doing the webinars is because it is easier to show you, so I suggest if possible joining the webinars via your computer so I can share my screen with you. Monthly Giveaway: Click here to win a chance at a 1:1 session with Taylor Guest Speaker: Felix Warren Password: Felixthec@t Webinar: How to set up your Patreon Account. Password: Patreon Webinar: How to refine your Patreon Account and set up effective Goals and Rewards. Password: Pa3eon Week 1 Getting Patreon set up and getting you patrons requires some time and investment on your end. And just because you have a Patreon account set up doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get patrons. Successfully launching Patreon requires that you continually promote Patreon to your fans. It also requires that you are regularly sharing content on a regular basis, because your fans are patrons supporting you work and deserve to be recognized for that support. Today I want you to visit and set your account up. In our first webinar I’m going to talk about what you can do to really set it up, but for now I just want you to get a basic account set up. In the webinar we’ll go over and don’ts of Patreon and you’ll do the rest of the work after that. After the webinar I’d like you to post your profile to #eccentricsuccess Week 2 You now have your Patreon account set up. You have ideally also set up a link to it on your website, newsletter, and other places where you are active. Now it’s time to look at content you should post on Patreon. I suggest posting two to three items of content that anyone can see. While most of your content will be behind a paywall, some of it needs to be accessible so that people can see what they are actually getting. While you’ll be sharing your content to your fans, there will also be other people who will also see it and could become patrons as well. You’ll need to share this content in your newsletter and social media with a link back to your patron account. I recommend NOT posting any content that...

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How your business plans helps you become focused on growing your business

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Having a business plan helps you get clear on what you are doing for your business and why you are doing it. In this video I discuss the benefits of having a business plan and how writing it out helps you turn your business into a reality.

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How to manage multiple businesses

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When you own multiple businesses, it’s important get clear on how each business is distinct from the other. You also need to consider how you’ll manage your time effectively in order to take care of each business. Learn more in the video below.

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Why I re-calibrate my business plan every 3 months and why you should to

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Recently I looked over my business plan and I start deleting some actions from it and then adding some new actions. I was re-calibrating, re-focusing my business. It’s something I do every 3 months, and I do it to make sure I’m working on the right goals and projects that will help grow my business. However what I find puzzling is that few business owners seem to look at, let alone revise their business plan on a regular basis. It’s as if once its written (if one is even written), it’s thrown in the desk and promptly forgotten about. Let’s be honest though. Business plans aren’t exciting. Most people don’t want to spend time writing a business plan or looking it over. They want to take action. The problem is that so many of the actions are aimless. The business falters because there isn’t a clear direction to go in. That’s what a business plan provides: Clarity about the direction you want your business to go in. Whenever I revisit my business plan, it shows me where I’ve been in my business and what direction I need to go in. It allows me to evaluate my current and recent activities to figure out what’s working and what is wasting time. If I never looked I wouldn’t know. It would be like steering a ship in a heavy fog, with no light. At some point you’ll founder, because you don’t know what’s around you. Running a business without a plan, without a clear direction, will eventually run the business in the ground. When I re-calibrate my business, I’m evaluating the goals I’ve accomplished and what the return on investment is and then asking myself what else I can do to move my business in the right direction. I get rid of what isn’t working, look at what is working and why and then come up with the next 3 months of actions that will continue to help me grow the business. If you’re intimidated by the idea of writing a business plan or worried it’ll eat up too much time, let me suggest that you keep it simple. Make it one page long and focus on what you want to accomplish in the next year. Even though you know you’ll revise it, it’s good to plan for the entire year instead of just the three months. Write down your monetary goal and then write down the specific actions you’ll take to reach that goal. Those actions could include coming up with new products or new services or could involve making sales calls or any number of other activities that are relevant to your business. Now you’ve written your actions down. You have an objective record of them and that record will keep you accountable to accomplishing those actions. But you can’t be complacent with this record. You can’t stick it in your desk and forget about it. Print it out, put it in a place you can see it everyday and it will keep you on task. Or write it up, and then on your calendar make a note to revise it 3 months later and open it 3 months later and revise it. You don’t necessarily have to have your plan in front of you to work it, but...

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