Sales and being human

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Do you sell every time you communicate with a client or your audience? In this video I remind you of why its important to be human and sometimes put the sales on the back burner.

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Why collaboration can help your business

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Collaborating with experts on your business can help you grow your business. It’s an investment that pays off with the right attitude and approach.

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Are your lead magnets relevant to your audience?

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Are your lead magnets relevant to your audience? Or are you taking a one size fits all approach and possibly alienating your audience?

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October 2016 Eccentric Entrepreneurs Podcast

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Did you miss an episode of Eccentric Entrepreneurs podcast in October? You can catch up on episodes here and read a book review. Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Business of Book Launches with Brandy Williams and LaSara Firefox Allen Eccentric Entrepreneurs: The Business of Reiki with Izzy Swanson Book Review: The Business of Wanting More by Brian Gast In this book, the author explores how apparently successful people can sabotage themselves because they haven’t dealt with their internal issues. He does a good job of illustrating how a person can sabotage themselves as well as providing exercises for how to work through your internal issues. He makes some important points about success vs fulfillment and why its important to not get caught up in the trappings of success, without really checking in if you are fulfilled. I’d recommend this book to any business owner as a way of doing an internal inventory of your own success and any potential sabotages that may come up and be ignored. This book will help you confront your shadows and work with them so you come to a place of...

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The Terror and Joy of Rebranding

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In this video I share my own experiences of rebranding and how it can be a scary and liberating experience for you and your business, but why you need to take you time with it and make sure it really is the right move for you.

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Does appearance really matter in business?

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I share some thoughts on appearance and why its better to just be you because of how it helps your marketing and connection with your community.

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Why you need to understand your technology to improve your marketing

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When you learn new technology to help you with your business its important to spend time discovering what it can do for you. This especially applies to marketing your business, because if you don’t use the technology effectively, it can be a wasted investment on your part.

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How to handle Buyer’s Remorse

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When you’ve signed up for a class, service or product, it can be an answer to your needs, but it can also be scary. You can feel buyer’s remorse. I talk about how to acknowledge that feeling without letting it paralyze you and why its important to take action on what you’ve signed up for.

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Why you should experiment with your marketing

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Hello Eccentric Entrepreneurs, Sometimes we get really caught up in our marketing, so caught up we don’t see what works. I share why its important to experiment with your marketing and share a recent example in my own business, where I experimented with how I emailed my newsletter list.

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5 Reasons to Experiment with how you market your Service and Products

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I recently set my Patreon profile up. As I set it up and began figuring out what types of tiers I would offer, I realized that what I was setting up wasn’t set in stone. A friend of mine, who already has a Patreon account, told me how he’s been experimenting with his account, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and that includes the offerings that he has available through his page. I started tweaking my own Patreon and found that the changes made a difference. I had patrons after I made those changes! The first time I came up with a class and wrote up the description, I was sure I would never need to touch that description again. No one signed up for the class the first or second time I promoted it. It became clear to me that I did need to change the description. I needed to experiment with what I was offering and not get so set in stone. So I did some tweaks and offered the class again and I found an audience. My point is you will inevitably make changes to what you offer if you want to find your audience. I want to share with you 5 reasons that you want to experiment with your services and products, in order to reach your audience. 1. The first draft is never as good as you think it is. You’ve put lots of time into writing up the copy of your class. It’s finally done and you’re likely tempted to share it with the world. Do yourself a favor and don’t. Instead take a day or two and focus on another project. Then come back and look at what you wrote with fresh eyes and revise it. THEN, ask a couple of your clients to look at what you wrote and ask them to be brutally honest with you. Would they buy your class, based n this description? Why or why not? Take what they said and revise your class description further. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is putting together a class description and then believing I would never work on it again. I thought it was good enough and yet no one would sign up for it. Eventually I realized the first draft wasn’t that great and that I really needed some feedback on why I wasn’t getting sign-ups. Once I started getting some advice, it changed how I wrote up class descriptions and helped me realize that I needed to experiment those class descriptions, as well as the writing I did about the classes. Don’t sit on your laurels because you’ve written the class description. Revise it AND be prepared to do a lot of other promotion around your classes. The class description helps sell the class, but you’re ability to promote the class is what really brings in the audience. via GIPHY 2. Your business will change because your interests will change. You change as a person so it shouldn’t be too surprising that your business may change as well. When I first started Imagine Your Reality, it was all about social media consulting, but I changed and so did my interests and I no longer wanted to offer social media services or products. So I changed...

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