Taylor Ellwood

Taylor Ellwood, Your Business wizard


I’m Taylor Ellwood, an eccentric entrepreneur and your business wizard.

When I was a kid, my dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told him I wanted to be eccentric. He told me you could only be eccentric if you were rich. Otherwise you were just weird. Well I’ve always been weird but I haven’t given up on my dream of being eccentric.

My life has taken me from a career of academia to the doldrums of technical writing to being a social media consultant and finally embracing my weirdness and stepping into my role of being the business wizard.

Instead of trying to conform to what people expect of a business consultant, I’ve chosen to be unapologetically weird and bring in all of my expertise to the work I do with my clients. Most importantly I’m committed to helping you discover how you can use your own weirdness to help you grow your business and stand out to your ideal clients.

Taylor is an articulate and effective educator, who assists entrepreneurs in generating a linear plan of action to grow their businesses. I recently paid for, participated in, and very much enjoyed one of Taylor’s classes, covering available online social-networking technology, and how to effectively harness and systematize it to expand and develop business via the electronic medium. Taylor was well researched and well organized, taught from an outline, and re-enforced key teaching points with relevant examples from his experience, as well as that of others. I learned a great deal from Taylor in a short amount of time, as he also creates a very comfortable atmosphere within which participate and ask questions. — Steve Chapman, Portland or