5 Reasons to Experiment with how you market your Service and Products

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I recently set my Patreon profile up. As I set it up and began figuring out what types of tiers I would offer, I realized that what I was setting up wasn’t set in stone. A friend of mine, who already has a Patreon account, told me how he’s been experimenting with his account, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and that includes the offerings that he has available through his page. I started tweaking my own Patreon and found that the changes made a difference. I had patrons after I made those changes!

The first time I came up with a class and wrote up the description, I was sure I would never need to touch that description again. No one signed up for the class the first or second time I promoted it. It became clear to me that I did need to change the description. I needed to experiment with what I was offering and not get so set in stone. So I did some tweaks and offered the class again and I found an audience.

My point is you will inevitably make changes to what you offer if you want to find your audience.

I want to share with you 5 reasons that you want to experiment with your services and products, in order to reach your audience.

1. The first draft is never as good as you think it is. You’ve put lots of time into writing up the copy of your class. It’s finally done and you’re likely tempted to share it with the world. Do yourself a favor and don’t. Instead take a day or two and focus on another project. Then come back and look at what you wrote with fresh eyes and revise it. THEN, ask a couple of your clients to look at what you wrote and ask them to be brutally honest with you. Would they buy your class, based n this description? Why or why not? Take what they said and revise your class description further.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is putting together a class description and then believing I would never work on it again. I thought it was good enough and yet no one would sign up for it. Eventually I realized the first draft wasn’t that great and that I really needed some feedback on why I wasn’t getting sign-ups. Once I started getting some advice, it changed how I wrote up class descriptions and helped me realize that I needed to experiment those class descriptions, as well as the writing I did about the classes.

Don’t sit on your laurels because you’ve written the class description. Revise it AND be prepared to do a lot of other promotion around your classes. The class description helps sell the class, but you’re ability to promote the class is what really brings in the audience.


2. Your business will change because your interests will change. You change as a person so it shouldn’t be too surprising that your business may change as well. When I first started Imagine Your Reality, it was all about social media consulting, but I changed and so did my interests and I no longer wanted to offer social media services or products. So I changed the focus of my business. Recently (2015) I went through some other personal changes, which lead again to some changes in Imagine Your Reality and specifically who I feel called to serve. As a result the marketing around my services and products changed. Sticking to what I had previously done wouldn’t work for me. I needed to change the narrative and marketing to reflect my interests and audience.

Your business will change because what lights your inner fire will also change. As long as you recognize that you can adjust and experiment with your marketing to get in front of the people you are called to serve.

3. Your marketing may need to be adjusted. Sometimes I wish the marketing could just stay the same. It would certainly make it easier. But marketing doesn’t stay the same. Whether its changes in technology or changes in what people care about, your marketing has to adapt to the times. The best way to do is that is to pay attention to not just your marketing platform, but the marketing platform of other people as well. Be open to changing what you do.

For example, for a long time I wrote articles that were very impersonal. I changed that approach when I realized that people wanted to read online articles that they could relate to on an emotional level. They didn’t want cold intellect…they wanted up close and personal. Once I changed my writing, I also changed my general web presence to be more open and available. After adjusting my marketing and letting people in, I saw a difference in my business and also my relationships.

Keep yourself open to changing your marketing and it will help you reach your audience.

4. New information may require a change in what you offer. No industry stays static. New information, innovations, or something else may come along that require you to make changes in the services or products you offer. It may not even be an industry change. It could be a change in the economy or something else that nonetheless has an impact on your audience and as a result on your business. Staying aware of the industry trends and the economy in general can help you figure out if you need to make changes to your products or services.

5. What works for other people may not work for you. A while back I signed up for a class on how to write for the online web. It was a good class and I learned a lot. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned though was around promoting my services and products. I tried out the launch techniques I learned from the class, but they didn’t work for me. They worked for the teacher launching the class, but a huge part of why they worked had more to do with her personality than anything else.

I realized that I needed to develop my own style of marketing and promotion based off my personality. I couldn’t be a pushy person, because that’s not me. But I could authentically market my services and products based on my own experiences.


You can do the same as well. Don’t get hung up on how other people promote and market themselves. Focus on what makes you (and by extension your services and products) unique and intriguing. Develop your marketing around that message and see what happens. I know that when I started marketing my services and products from a place of genuine truth, I enjoyed myself much more and reached out to people who were genuinely my audience and were receptive to my message.

Your marketing and your business in general isn’t set in stone…or at least it shouldn’t be. Keep yourself flexible and you’ll be able to adapt your marketing and your business to the changing times, needs of your audience, and your own needs.

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